The purpose of this site is to provide individuals with information on legal alternatives to illegal drugs.  From stimulants to psychedelics, there are legal and natural substances that offer effects similar to illegal drugs.  We provide comprehensive information on plants and herbs from around the world in the form of substance descriptions, methods of preparation, effects, reports of 1st-hand experiences, and even images galleries.

We do not sell any product on this site, however in certain instances and for certain substances we can suggest some reputable online retailers for you to purchase through.

The legal drug alternative movement is gaining momentum and we need your feedback to help grow our database of information.  Please post comments wherever you can add your knowledge.

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Disclaimer:  Although legal to purchase in the U.S., some of the plants, herbs, seeds, and substances referred to may be illegal if intended for human consumption.  Please check your local and federal laws for reference. 

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